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When dealing with certain oral health conditions or problems, the experts at Krause Dental may decide that performing oral surgery is the best method of treatment. We take great pride in using the latest and most advanced techniques in oral surgery so that we can achieve the best possible results every single time. Patient comfort is always a top priority, and our team will do everything possible to ensure that your unique needs are fully met before, during and after treatment. Our goal is to help make your oral surgery as easy and as painless as possible so that you can focus solely on improving your oral health after the procedure.

Patients receive oral surgery at our practice for many reasons, including:

  • Teeth extractions
  • Wisdom teeth removals
  • Dental implant installations
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Bone graft procedures

In order to maximize your comfort during oral surgery, our team will provide methods of dental sedation that are designed to reduce pain and decrease anxiety. Whenever dental sedation is provided, the process will be heavily monitored to prevent you from experiencing any unwanted side-effects. These methods of dental sedation include:

  • Oral Sedation: A pill provided before the procedure to help the patient relax and experience less pain while work is performed.
  • Local Anesthetic: A special substance applied directly to the site of the procedure to numb the area and reduce pain.
  • Laughing Gas: An inhaled vapor that can greatly assist a patient in remaining calm and relaxed during oral surgery.

At Krause Dental, our team is highly trained and very experienced. We take every precaution possible to make sure that our oral surgeries are extremely safe.

Bone Grafting

Many people suffer from a deteriorated or decayed jawbone. When this problem occurs, it can cause severe pain and possibly tooth loss. A damaged jawbone can also make it difficult to install dental implants since a certain a strong jawbone is required to support the titanium structures. Fortunately, modern bone grafting procedures can be used to regenerate the lost bone and improve one’s oral health.

At Krause Dental, we employ the latest techniques in bone grafting so that we can quickly and effectively restore a deteriorated jawbone to full health. The process consists of placing artificial bone material and specialized proteins directly at the site of the damaged bone. This will stimulate new bone growth and help the structure properly regenerate. As the jawbone returns to its proper form, the graft material will be safely absorbed by the body, eventually being replaced entirely by natural bone material.

If you ever require oral surgery, the dedicated experts at Krause Dental will be by your side every step of the way. We promise to do everything possible to make your treatment an easy and stress-free process. By choosing Krause Dental for your oral surgery, you are sure to receive the latest, most advanced treatment. Please call us at (941) 923-3802 to schedule an appointment.


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Our Happy Patients

Tom P.

The Krause Team are very professional and genuinely friendly staff to help you feel comfortable and confident that the dentistry you will receive is top notch! I am very satisfied with Dr. Krause and his commitment to state of the art technology to perform exceptional dental work. Today he utilized 3D technology to perfect my implant. I highly recommend him and his entire office for your important dental procedures.

Patricia R.

"I recommend Krause Dental to anyone who requires a gentle touch. Dr. Krause and his staff really make you feel comfortable and I can honestly say that it was a pleasure being there. I feel very confident that all my dental needs are being met and that Dr. Krause is really cares about the well being of his patients."

Bryan R.

"Outstanding experience!! Wonderful staff, nice facilities, and little or no wait time. Dr. Krause is very friendly and honest.... he tells you what you truly need and does not try to "upsell" you on unnecessary work. I could not be happier with my experience at Krause Dental."


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