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One of our top goals at Krause Dental is to provide patients with top-quality cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums and smiles, while also boosting their confidence. We employ the latest and most advanced dental techniques in our cosmetic treatments so that we can provide the best possible results for our patients. Thanks to the commitment of our highly trained experts, we are able to offer excellent treatments that leave teeth looking both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably natural, all with minimal pain and fast recovery times.

Patients at Krause Dental receive cosmetic treatments to:

  • Brighten and whiten dulled or yellowed teeth
  • Adjust the shape and contour of their teeth
  • Make their teeth appear more even in size
  • Reduce gaps that exist between teeth
  • Correct overbites, underbites and crossbites

At Krause Dental, we specialize in both teeth whitening and veneers. Our experts can help you determine which type of cosmetic treatment is best for you to improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth Whitening: Professional teeth whitening is a safe and proven method for brightening teeth that have become yellowed or darkened over time. The process involves using a special hydrogen peroxide gel that releases oxygen when it is exposed to light. This oxygen can safely break down unwanted surface stains and discolorations to leave teeth noticeably brightened. Patients will see tremendous results after just one treatment.

Veneers: One of the most effective methods for adjusting the size, shape and contour of teeth, veneers consist of thin, custom-built shells that are applied to the front surface of a person’s teeth. Once they have been added, veneers can go a long way towards boosting the appearance of teeth that are misaligned, uneven, worn down or damaged. Veneers are quick and easy to apply, and they can dramatically enhance a person’s smile.

Krause Dental offers a stress-free environment for cosmetic dentistry in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Our treatments utilize the latest and best technologies so that we can achieve exceptional results every single time. Please call us at (941) 923-3802 to schedule an appointment.


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Our Happy Patients

Tom P.

The Krause Team are very professional and genuinely friendly staff to help you feel comfortable and confident that the dentistry you will receive is top notch! I am very satisfied with Dr. Krause and his commitment to state of the art technology to perform exceptional dental work. Today he utilized 3D technology to perfect my implant. I highly recommend him and his entire office for your important dental procedures.

Patricia R.

"I recommend Krause Dental to anyone who requires a gentle touch. Dr. Krause and his staff really make you feel comfortable and I can honestly say that it was a pleasure being there. I feel very confident that all my dental needs are being met and that Dr. Krause is really cares about the well being of his patients."

Bryan R.

"Outstanding experience!! Wonderful staff, nice facilities, and little or no wait time. Dr. Krause is very friendly and honest.... he tells you what you truly need and does not try to "upsell" you on unnecessary work. I could not be happier with my experience at Krause Dental."


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